As well as being a Hand Surgeon, David Warwick has a long and established pedigree in the study of Orthopaedic Thrombosis. He obtained his doctorate from the University of Bristol in 1995 through original research and dissertation on deep vein thrombosis and total hip replacement, and in 1998 was awarded a Hunterian Professorship at the Royal College of Surgeons, UK. His current research interests include electrical stimulation in the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Professor Warwick has won awards and prizes for his work on VTE, and has sat on several thrombosis committees, including Chairman of the International Surgical Thrombosis Forum Guidelines Committee. He is currently Section Editor for Annals of Royal College of Surgeons and was a member of the editorial board for Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (2005?2009). He has also reviewed for journals including Thrombosis and Haemostasis, Hip International and Clinical Orthopaedics. In his research interest of VTE, he has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals and has written several book chapters. Professor Warwick recently authored the orthopaedic section of the IUA Consensus Statement on the prevention and treatment of VTE, published in International Angiology in 2013. Professor Warwick has been invited to lecture and present at numerous international, national and regional meetings. He also acted as an expert witness for the UK Parliamentary Select Committee on “The Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) in Hospitalised Patients” in December 2004, which examined barriers to effective VTE thromboprophylaxis and strategies that could be used to improve therapy in UK hospitals. He was a member of the Guideline Development group which produced the NICE guidelines for VTE prophylaxis in the UK.

Recent papers and chapters include:


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Roberts D, Warwick D. Venous thromboembolism following hand, wrist and elbow surgery – A review of the literature and prophylaxis guidelines. Journal of Hand Surgery 39;. 306 –12

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Pub 3

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