Saw Professor Warwick with what appeared to be a bad case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, causing not only loss of sensation in parts of hand/fingers but also pain up arm into shoulder and neck. I was given immediate reassurance that he could solve the problem with surgery. He drew a very informative diagram which made it incredibly easy to understand what was causing the problem. I was booked for surgery 10 days following the initial appointment which has been incredibly successful. The care received by all staff at Nuffield Wessex and Professor Warwick was first class. I had a post op appointment today 3 1/2 weeks following the surgery, and since having the procedure completed, my quality of life is incredibly improved and the scar itself is almost a week ahead in the healing process! Thanks very much Professor Warwick. 

Kind regards,

Pam Sept 23


Dear Professor Warwick, thank you for your time yesterday.

I wanted to write to thank you for all you have done for me over the past three and a half years. Also, as requested, please take this email as agreement for you to use/publish how you see fit.

Having being referred to you in 2019 with what I assumed to be just a simple wrist break the reality of my predicament quickly became apparent. Specifically, how long recovery would actually take and how this was now going to impact my work contribution to onsite activities. My brother and I are builders and we have always contributed to all on site activity.

After the first procedure, I started to become very aware that my working life was probably going to change. Lifting, using tools, climbing ladders, general movement around scaffolding and getting in and out of windows became problematic and at times simply unsafe. Fortunately, we have a reasonably large enough work force so it did present the opportunity for me to focus on areas of our business, that perhaps, we are not so good at so all was not lost!

As time went by, pandemic included, at no time did I feel that I was being left “just to get on with it”. At all times I was able to discuss my goal of getting more use from my wrist, you listened and came up with options which you discussed with me and then ultimately implemented. Without your persistence and willingness there is no way I would be anywhere near to where I am today.

Anyway, as I explained, after three and half years and four procedures I genuinely feel my wrist is now in the best shape possible and I am now back to doing roughly 75% of what I used to. For this, I am extremely grateful.

I wish you well Professor Warwick and I hope you realise how much of a difference your help has made for me at work.

Kind regards,
TF July 23


Dear Rachel
I saw Professor Warwick last Monday and I said I would write a review for him. I have been trying to find a way of doing so via the website but have been unable. Hence I am writing the review below in the hope that you can use it. 
I was referred to Professor Warwick after aggressive arthritis in both wrists had left me in pain and unable to do very much without help. I had to give up my hobbies and even driving. I had wanted a total wrist replacement but when Professor Warwick looked at my X-rays he thought this might not provide a good outcome. However, he went to considerable trouble to consult his colleagues around the world and the consensus of opinion was that a replacement would be likely to fail. He explained all the pros and cons and I decided to opt for wrist fusion meaning that the bones in my wrist would be fused and secured with a metal plate and I would not be able to bend the wrist.. I had no hesitation in choosing this path as I was in a lot of pain all the time and my life had no focus. In January 2023 I had surgery on my right wrist. My recovery was excellent so in April I followed suit with my left wrist. I am pleased to say that after four months I have been able to start leading a normal life and my life has purpose again. I am pain-free and have good wrist movement. It has truly been a life changing experience and I should like to thank Professor Warwick and the whole of his team for their excellent care, dedication and advice. I would not hesitate in recommending this procedure to anyone in the same situation. 
Kind regards
MB July 23

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Click to see my 5 STAR reviews from this service (pdf)

For several years, as the result of Dupuytrens and inflammation of the tendons in my right hand, I had been suffering persistent pain and triggering of my ring finger, together with pain from my little finger extending into my wrist. From our very first meeting, I felt sure that Professor Warwick would be able to help me. With a very pleasant and warm approach he immediately put me at ease. His professionalism and knowledge, convinced me that he would be able to improve the use in my hand. He clearly explained what was happening to my hand and wrist, drew beautiful, colourful diagrams, wrote down exactly what my options were, treatmentwise and explained clearly what risks were involved. Just before Christmas | had two operations on my hand under local anaesthetic. I felt fully involved throughout. I was invited to see what was happening during the operations and was kept fully informed every step of the way. Not just a number, but a cared for person. Aftercare and follow up was first class too. I can’t thank Professor Warwick and his team enough, with a special mention for his PA, Rachel, who was extremely helpful, supportive and patient with my many ‘phone calls. The outcome has been very good, better than I could have hoped for.


Good morning Rachel,

Professor Warwick phoned me on Saturday to follow-up on my Carpel Tunnel Release surgery and because I am so extremely pleased with the outcome I volunteered to write a testimonial for his website.  I would like to thank you too Rachel for your part in helping me through the process, it was reassuring to know that I could get in touch with you on the administrative side of things and that you would sort things out.  I don’t know if my effort below is of use as a testimonial if you feel I should alter it in anyway please do let me know, it’s not something I normally do.   

I have nothing but praise for the efficient, effective and professional service I received from Professor Warwick and his team.  Quite literally the whole carpel tunnel procedure was ‘seamless’ as happily too was his stitching along the lifeline of my palm.

From experiencing daily painful pins and needles in my fingers triggered by simple tasks such as cleaning my teeth, writing, using a pc, preparing vegetables or lifting things, not to mention disturbed sleep at nights, I am delighted to report that these symptoms disappeared immediately after surgery.  Professor Warwick has proved himself to be so reliable in all his predictions and commitments but mostly I was so impressed by his empathy when I expressed my anxiety over expediting this surgery during the Covid pandemic.  Joan Westgarth-Taylor 27/09/20

Stay safe and happy and thank you and Professor Warwick for your achievements.

Kind regards

Joan Westgarth-Taylor

I am eternally grateful to David and his team for getting me up and running after I severed the ulnar collateral ligament of my right hand pulling it totally off the bone. His reassurance and support throughout the experience and advice and response to my fears have been faultless. He fitted me in as an emergency, to try to accommodate my professional commitment to a high-level sailing team. I have been working with Pippa Blizzard (lovely understanding Nuffield Physio) for rehab and management of the injury which got me going as quick as possible. Every timeline has been met, expectations thoroughly managed – 2 weeks of plaster and into a splint, a lot of icing, exercises and massage along the way and a firm restraining hand from overdoing things. 
David explained the severity all the way through of the situation and gave me firm guidance when I was being given conflicting advice from another specialist. 
6 weeks later I was back on my horse and 3 months later I was back racing yachts managing high loaded winches. 
I am not out of the woods but feel safe in the splint – and will continue with this for a few weeks before getting more back to normal. Special thanks to Pippa who has guided my rehab – the journey has definitely been helped by adhering to the rules!! Thanks so much to all.

Nov 18

Emma Westmacott

Biomechanics Coach, Sports Massage and Nutrition

I am a National and International tennis player. I had been referred to Professor Warwick for a consultation with a wrist injury which had been bothering me for a few months.  Within minutes of my consultation, Professor Warwick diagnosed the problem and informed me I needed an operation for an ECU instability. I was relieved that finally my injury had been diagnosed but surprised as I had previously seen another wrist consultant who had required an MRI scan and was still unable to diagnose the problem. My operation was booked in quickly and went very smoothly. My follow up physio treatments were excellent and if I had any questions Professor Warwick was more than happy to see me.  I recovered very quickly and returned to playing tennis at my academy within months. I have since been offered a full scholarship at an American University where I am a member of their tennis team. I would like to thank Professor Warwick for making it possible for me to continue with my tennis career. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Feb 18


Dear David

I just wanted to let you know how my wrist was doing. Since I last messaged you I can now say my wrist is fully healed. I was still careful in the gym and at work, however like you said after each week it got better and better! The big test for me was to play tennis again, and I did that last Friday. It felt absolutely fine.

So I just want to say how grateful i am for your time and expertise! You’re a legend! I will definitely be recommending you in the future! Thank you!



GM - Oct 2017

Dear Prof .David Warwick

It is now four weeks since my Carpal Tunnel Release surgery that you carried out.

I just wanted to record my sincere thanks to you for the professional and compassionate way that you treated me from my first consultation through to my final appointment. The surgery was a total success with the numbness relieved immediately and had it not been for the necessary dressing, I would have been using my hand normally within days without any discomfort, in fact I was never in any pain. The wound is so neat that so soon after surgery the scar is barely visible.

Once again many thanks for getting me back to normal so soon.

Kind regards
Pete Spacagna

Pete Spacagna - Aug 2017

Dear Professor Warwick,

I am the Midwife with the Bennett’s Fracture who came to see you privately and you kindly gave me lots of reassurance and wrote it all down for me which has been a great help to me.

Before the year is out I want to thank you very much for the generously reduced invoice to which I responded immediately. You are a most kind and compassionate Doctor and I am so relieved I was referred to your care.

With my gratitude,


Ms CD - Jan 2017

Dear Mr Warwick,

I thought I would just drop you an email to let you know how my wrist is after my arthroscopy at the end of January this year.

You did say to book another appointment for 6 months’ time after my last visit but to be honest I don’t feel it is necessary as my wrist feels completely repaired.

It feels great and as much as you dislike road biking I am pleased to say I did manage to climb the Stelvio pass two days in a row with no pain and I have also swept the cobwebs off the mountain bike and done a little of the SDW, also pain free. On a slightly more disappointing note, I can easily lift pots and pans and carry laundry baskets. 🙂

I’m absolutely thrilled and just wanted to say thank you, you are an amazing surgeon and will highly recommend you wherever I can.

KH, 25 October 2016


Just 5 months before the Rio Olympics, I ruptured the main ligament in my thumb. This was repaired by Professor Warwick; his surgery and the Hand Clinic’s rehabilitation team were so meticulous and so tailored to my specific sport that I recovered quickly enough to win a gold medal with our team.   Alex Danson, Women’s GB Olympic Hockey Team. Gold Medal Winners Rio 2016.

Alex Danson

Women’s GB Olympic Hockey Team

A few years after receiving successful hand surgery from Mr. Warwick for Dupuytren’s contracture I found that my other hand was rapidly succumbing to the same problem and so again went to see him at Southampton Hospital. This time he offered the ‘alternative’ treatment of using Xiapex, an enzyme fasciectomy, a much simpler approach requiring just two short visits, the first for injections of the enzyme and the second for an amazingly simple manipulation with no pain what-so-ever, resulting in just a little temporary swelling and bruising. The result was astounding, with the straightening being immediate, and within a few days I was able to use my hand as if I had never had the problem. Within a month I was once again able to be the artist I am, holding pencils easily and able to do very detailed work, plus regaining the strength to hold such tools as I need to live a life which involves a great deal of gardening. At the age of 66 I had wondered if this was lost to me, but now it’s as if I had never had the disease at all. I found the experience so very easy to go through, the service was above all friendly and caring and I would have no hesitation in recommending him, his associates, and this form of treatment to anybody suffering this problem.



After years of a successful career in the corporate world I decided to draw from my younger life as a competitive tennis player to devote myself to what I have loved doing the most – teaching tennis as a professional coach. Unfortunately, I injured my right wrist. Luckily, after seeing two other specialists, having had two MRIs but really getting nowhere, I found Professor Warwick. Arthroscopy revealed a much more severe injury than originally thought; it looked like the end of my tennis career. After much deliberation and consultation with colleagues, Professor Warwick suggested to proceed with a “middle of the road” operation, a step before going for a full reconstruction. He addressed me, as a person, with my needs, hopes, and abilities. There was a normative probability it may not help, but he believed it would be up to me to decide whether it was a risk worth taking. In other words, he treated the patient, thoughtfully, totally considerate of my circumstances, not driven only by theory. It is now 17 months since the surgery, and although my wrist will never be perfect again, I am back on the court, teaching full time. Professor Warwick has brought me back to what I love because he concentrated on me as a person and not just on me as a diagnostic condition. Well, it can be expected then that I would not hesitate to recommend this thoughtful and ingenious professional care-giver to anyone. I am grateful for top-flight professional treatment, but also for thoughtful and creative consideration that made all the difference.

All the best,


I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you have done in restoring functionality to my right hand following the surgery you performed late last year to replace the deep flexor tendon in my little finger. As you know I had experienced a less than optimal result from the earlier surgery (performed by another surgeon), and also some post-operative complications, which had left me with much-reduced functionality of my right hand in my everyday life, from handwriting to simple chores such as opening jars and bottles or lifting saucepans. It had also severely affected my ability to ride horses and compete in dressage at a national level.

Until I met you I had mostly made up my mind to endure the difficulties I was experiencing, rather than facing a possibility of exacerbating them by further surgery. However, your professionalism and the clarity in the way you explained medical matters to me inspired me with confidence to place my faith in you.

I am very pleased to say my faith was not misplaced and I have been amply rewarded with virtually full functionality being restored to my right hand; I couldn’t be more delighted with the result, thank you.

Meriel Sommers

Feb 2017

I first met Professor Warwick shortly after he joined Southampton University Hospital, when he operated on the Dupuytren’s Disease in my left little finger (pinkie if you are Scottish!). This was quite complicated, requiring a skin graft, an overnight stay in hospital and my hand in a sling for a couple of weeks. Some years later I had a similar problem on my other hand: on 8th January 2014 I had a Collagenase injection and on 13th January my little finger was manipulated. This was not very painful: I had no need for pain killers and was back on the tennis court four days later, with the racket in my right hand. I have been given hand exercises and wear a plastic finger shield overnight. Six weeks after the injection my finger is painless and almost straight. What an improvement since my my previous treatment, which had put me out of action for two to three weeks.

Mrs EB

A few years ago I sought treatment for Dupuytren’s Disease & the only choice was surgery both invasive & inconvenient and as such decided to delay this treatment. Recently I was made aware of a procedure using an Xiapex injection being available & my GP referred me to Mr David Warwick. I had the first injection on 13th June with a follow up a couple of days later for manipulation & a referral to a Physio for simple exercises, which I carried out implicitly. A further consultation with Mr Warwick on 21st Aug proved very positive, confirmed by these before & after photos which show how successful the procedure has been. I am delighted with the result. – Jenny Watson 27 August 2012. Before and afer shots of Jenny Watson’s hand.before&after

Mrs JW

Hello Professor, I believe the 1st February 2016 is the 10th anniversary of the operation you carried out on my right elbow. You fitted a replacement radial head to my right elbow. In January 2006 I was a Police Inspector with Hampshire police and commuting to and fro the Isle of Wight, I was using a push bike on the land and the Red Jet on the water. It was whilst traveling one morning to catch the Red Jet in Southampton that I fell off my push bike and smashed my elbow. You operated on my elbow a few days later.


During my recuperation I was given physiotherapy to try and recover as much mobility as possible. During my meetings with you it was stressed the operation was a little bit of an unknown and you could not guarantee a full recovery or for how long the head would last. Another time my wife, Corinne, and I informed you it was our 25th wedding anniversary that year and when we got married we intended visiting Zakynthos for our honeymoon, but were unable to go as we had to pay for car repairs, then we went on to have 4 children so never did go to Zakynthos, but as the children were now adults and we could afford it we were treating ourselves to our Zakynthos honeymoon for our 25th anniversary. We had the flights, a villa and car hire booked. You were concerned driving on their roads might damage the joint and told us we could not go. The other meeting I recall was as I neared the end of my physio, I entered your office and you had Peter the physio and a couple of other gents in the room as well, you told me I could not return as an operational police officer because of the risk of damaging the joint. I never knew why those other men were in the office but have always suspected you thought I might react badly as I was passionate about my job. Well as I say it is 10 years since the operation. I returned to work and was office bound for a few months but did return to front-line duties as a police officer. As an Inspector I was not going to be on the street most days and when I was it was as a manager, I made sure I looked after the arm. Corinne and I had our honeymoon on Zakynthos but we waited until our 30th anniversary, we booked the same villa we had booked and cancelled 5 years previously and judging by the car we had possibly the same car. I have since retired from the police and now work as the licensing manager for Southampton City Council. I have continued to ride my bike to and fro work when practical, thankfully with no more spills of note. My arm still has almost full dexterity and causes me very little pain, in fact at present is my better am as I have developed tennis elbow in my left arm. I just wanted to let you know I am extremely grateful to you and your team. I appreciate the injury could have seriously impacted upon my life but thanks to you it did not. The arm is still going strong and shows no sign of failing. If you want any other feed back I am more than happy to assist. Once again thank you very much and I hope this little update provides you with a little boost. You deserve the praise. All the best


Following my appointment with you this morning I again want to thank you for carrying out surgery on my hand transferring the tendon from my little finger into my thumb. When I agreed to the procedure you said it would be the first time you had tackled this particular tendon transfer but I am so pleased I agreed to have it done. After over a year of disability, from originally a simple wrist fracture, I feel I can now look forward and get on with life. I not only want to thank you for your surgical skills but also for your kindness and constantly keeping in touch with my physiotherapist with updates for exercises etc and encouragement for me. 

Thanks again. JT


overall a very significant improvement with little ongoing discomfort or inconvenience and I am very grateful to you for the preliminary advice and subsequent procedure; to Rachel, excellent communication and for her advice on handling Benenden; and to Pippa for being available on the day to advise me on the exercise regime and make up the splint. You are a great team.


If you would like to hear more testimonials from patients please do get in touch.